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Long Signal: W PATTERN H1 on EurUsd

EurUsd breaking higher?

- Hints suggest that EurUsd could break first resistance around 1.1630

- W Pattern happened, Short could have been triggered but market formed already a bullish pinbar on Center Point.

- If EurUsd breaks above previous resistance (W area) should act as support

- MATRIOSCHA Pattern (smaller opposite Pattern included into large Pattern) is a strong set up as it indicates market is ranging. What happens after a range is a trend !

- Aslo notice that if you refer to CSA (set true into Indi for 1 chart only) it shows that Eur is the top leader currency right now.

- The last shoulder leg of W Pattern is a higher low.

This is the way I read chart and markets seems ready to break higher.

Trade: Long

SL should be well located below Center Point @1.1600 area

TP could be placed @ 1.1685

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