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GbpUsd - Pulsar Indi

- Before the news, market declines into down trend channel. Activity is normal and below average of 120 ticks per minute. Price updates not more than 2 times within a second.

- On the news released time, market quickly zig zag down to touch the down trend channel and spikes up. Pulsar hit 400... So price refreshes like 6 times per second !

Market Makers entrers into the game.

- After the news, we see how activity on GbpUsd is strong and it lasts for 2 hours.

Pulsar shows over 120 ticks for that period of time which is much more than the normal activity.

Hence, we can rely on that up trend move and trade into the upside.

Few pips retracement up can be seen as an opportunity to enter Long

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