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#Sentiment traders #GbpJpy

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Key level 151.25

- Sentiment Traders is very powerfull indicator that allow us to see what traders are doing. Indicator just starts to be green. It means less buyers. So more Sellers are coming.

- On H4, Market made a nice Inverted & Shoulder (yellow), and sentiment Indi is about to send bullish signal right now.

- Sentiment Traders Indicator displays history of crowd behavior, right now traders are 50 vs 50%.

Our plan :

- We buy while the crowd will be fighting against the trend.

Combo Signal :

On H4, we also have a W pattern alert @150.90 Market clearly breaks out the neckline level.

TakeProfit from theory on Inverted Head & Shoulder : 153.00 area

Let's make Forex analysis an easy game !

Buy Indicators :

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