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#Sentiment traders #GbpJpy

- Sentiment Traders is very powerfull indicator that allow us to see what traders are doing.

- When market is trending, like it is the case since weeks on GbpJpy, the crowd behavior tends to be wrong. Most of retail traders are trying sell.

- On H4, we see that bearish trend since june, however Market made a nice Inverted & Shoulder on 20 th july, and sentiment sent a bullish signal right there.

- Sentiment Traders Indicator displays history of crowd behavior, right now they are only 30% Long. Most of traders are trapped on this pair. This is why, this indicator suggests to do the opposite when the majority switches side. (50vs50%)

- We buy while the crowd is fighting against the trend.

Remember :

Market Makers & Liquidity providers, they can see our trades, so it's easy for them to push a bit in one way to chase bunch on stopLoss. It's always better to trade the way they act.

Buy Indicator :

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