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#Sentiment traders #EurGbp

- Sentiment Traders is very powerfull indicator that allow us to see what traders are doing.

- When market is trending, like it is the case since weeks on EurGbp, the crowd behavior tends to be wrong. Most of retail traders are trying to catch the dip. But they don't see on low timeframe, that the trend is here.

- On H4, we see that bearish trend since june.

- Sentiment Traders Indicator displays history of crowd behavior, right now they are more than 80% Long. They are all trapped on this pair. This is why, this indicator suggests to do the opposite when the majority switches side. (50vs50%)

- We sell while the crowd is fighting against the trend.

Remember :

Market Makers & Liquidity providers, they can see our trades, so it's easy for them to push a bit in one way to chase bunch on stopLoss. It's always better to trade the way they act.

Buy Indicator :

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