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GbpUsd - Pulsar Indi

GbpUsd made a spike down.

Activity declines quickly below Average (120 ticks/minute). Hence, we can identify this move as a false breakout or manipulation price to catch some stoploss.

The move is more likely to reverse from here.

We could enter Long as Pulsar is back to normal activity very fast

Pulsar Indicator :

Pulsar helps identify price movement relative to market activity.

The aim is to distinguish between a new price trend that is likely to last, and a sudden movement that is likely to quickly turn around in the opposite direction.

Strong price trend versus Stoploss hunting

Pulsar alerts when ticks/minute 'activity' crosses ticks parameters (default value '250')

Use Indi on timeframe 1min

Check out blog and browse 'Pulsar' to see example

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