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GbpUsd - Pulsar Indi

Pulsar Indi monitors market's activity. When high impact news or price manipulation occurs, we would like to know how reliable is the sudden price action.

When it is real news, the number of ticks* received by MT4 tends to increase for a period of time that could last 10 min or more.

When it is price manipulation, the number of ticks decline in a short time period.

the number of ticks* : a tick is the fact that terminal MT4 refreshes price.

Pulsar Indi allows to receive alert when ticks within 60 seconds hits parameter. As soon as something happens into market, we can be notified to check realtime.

In the exemple above, we can see the peak of ticks received within a minute (nearly 300) meaning that the price refreshed 300 times in 60 seconds on the london opening session.

After few minutes, we see how volatility decreases quickly and it is back to normal activity. Ticks by minute goes back to mean average line below 100.

During this time, market reverses sharply to the way up. So we know that this is just price manipulation to chase stoploss from traders already Long. In the same time, it is a trap for sellers who enter Short into this move.

This is a false breakout, usual price manipulation from Smart Money players to smash trades from retail traders.

Pulsar Indi helps to figure out quickly what's going on.

In addition, when we have a look on 15min chart, we see that move down, was a spike to form a pullback on the previous neckline of nice W Pattern.

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07 de abr. de 2021

From the last price manipulation indicated from Pulsar

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