ABOUT CrazyTrader

We are happy to provide our Indicators & EA for traders who would like to trade our trading style.

Trading Forex

Yesterday I had a blog, today I have a website and tomorrow we build together a forex community around our favorites trading strategies?

I do trade Forex as a passion. It is very exciting to be involved into trading activity. I have buiIt my own approach of markets. I have started to code EA and Indicators from scratch and I'm willing to share the way I trade with traders that would get inspired of same vision (Day trading, Swing, Contrarian)

Hopefully, my little contribution on Forex world can help you to reach out consistency into your own trading style and improve your trading decisions while entering markets in the right momentum.



You can find out on Crazytrader's blog to reach out many ressources and examples on how to trade with my Home made MT4 Indicators